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Are you the next Captain of Moonshots?

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It’s crazy to think that many of the jobs we will have in the future haven’t even been invented yet. But as technology advances, and work becomes increasingly automated (done by robots or avatars), we will need to adapt and develop skills that will be in high demand in a whole new set of industries.

This means there are heaps of jobs that you might not even know existed already, and many more that are yet to be invented. While many traditional jobs, like that of police officers, doctors and teachers aren’t going anywhere soon, technology will also have a profound impact on how these jobs are done.

One of the best job titles going around would have to be Astro Teller’s (cool name alert) role as Captain of Moonshots for Google’s partner company X (aka the ‘Moonshot Factory’). X is a diverse group of inventors and entrepreneurs who build and launch technologies that aim to improve the lives of millions, even billions of people. How cool is that?! They have zaney sounding projects like Project Loon and Project Wing, and are quickly making sci-fi a reality.

While Captain of Moonshots sounds a bit out there, there are many other jobs coming online that will be just as exciting and might even be something you want to aim for!

Who knows, you might just be putting one of these on your business card in 2030:

Space Travel Agent: As space travel becomes more possible (think Virgin Galactic) it presumably won’t be too long before you can rock up to your local Travel Centre and speak to a Space Travel Agent about booking a flight outta here (literally).

Data Detective: Move over Sherlock Holmes, the Data Detective is here to crack the case… or at least make sure your data isn’t lying to you. As data becomes more and more important in the tech industry (and many other industries), it will be vital we have people who not only know how to process data, but how to use it to improve people’s lives. Plus, hopefully Data Detectives don’t actually have to investigate dead bodies.

Master of Edge Computing: The next frontier, all about processing data near the edge of your network instead of in a centralised data-processing warehouse. Think cloud computing but the cloud’s in your house. Such technology will be critical for self-driving cars, and someone is going to have to be the Master of it all!

Personal Memory Curator: When your elderly clients start to reminisce about the olden days, you will literally be able to take them there. OK maybe not literally, but virtually at least. A Personal Memory Curator could take your granny’s memories and turn them into a virtual environment for her to play in. What bliss! It could also help keep memory loss at bay.

Director of Ethical Hacking: Hacking has had a makeover with the rise of the cyber industry, as more and more people use their hacking skills for good. Want to identify potential threats? Stop those malicious hackers in their tracks? Save the world?

Ethical hacking will become even more important as companies and countries become more reliant on online networks. If this sounds a little bit exciting, being a Director of Ethical Hacking could be right up your alley.

Drone Manager: Need we say more? Drones are being tested in Australia right now for the purpose of dropping food, pharmaceuticals and other goods on people’s doorsteps at the touch of a button (think Google’s Project Wing). As the technology becomes more accessible and common, Drone Managers will be in hot demand.

Digital Currency Adviser: By now most of us have heard about Bitcoin, and as cryptocurrencies become more popular, there will be increasing need for people who specialise in how they work, and how people use them.

Garbage Engineer: We’re all becoming much more conscious of our waste, and trying to reduce, reuse and recycle when we can, but as our landfill fills up, and regulations around waste become more stringent, there will be an increasing need for people who know how to turn trash into treasure, or engineer current products with materials that break down more easily.

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