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Big Future for Small Business with Tomorrow's Female Founders

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Enterprising Girls Team
Academy For Enterprising Girls

Young women from across Sydney got a taste of the startup life as they created their own business thanks to a free entrepreneurial workshop celebrating the start of NSW Small Business Month. Female students aged 10 to 18 years learnt how to budget, market and manage their own company, paving the way for a new wave of female founders. 

The one-day workshop was hosted by our partner's Young Change Agents, their CEO - Margaret O'Brien said:

"Today’s workshop theme is Future of the World, where girls will be encouraged to think about ways to reduce their environmental impact, exploring topics such as food waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using our water resources better,

Over the course of the day the girls identified problems and came up with business ideas that would also act as solutions:

  • Biokore - a shopping bag made from unused fruit and veggie fibres to help reduce single use plastics and tackle food wastage.
  • Eco Travel - An environmentally friendly travel agent to encourage people to live sustainably by connecting them with educational and sustainable travel experiences.
  • MealMax - An app that supports people to reduce their food waste by keeping track of the foods they have bought before they expire and become waste.
  • Localise - An online shop portal that connects you to small businesses in your area so you can shop and support local.

The groups came up with excellent and innovative ideas, no doubt a visit from Christine Pope, Director of Council of Small Business Organisations Australia and NSW Small Business Commissioner, Chris Lamont helped get the ball rolling for the day. The girls present were lucky enough to hear some inspirational words on being a Girl Founder from these two leaders in the business world. 

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