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Aussie girls are zooming to go with new business ideas

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Enterprising Girls Team
Academy For Enterprising Girls

Virtual School Holidays - September 2020

The 2020September/October School Holidays saw a whole new group of girls from across the country come together via Zoom. With the help of Young Change Agents they tackled three different problems over three different days. They worked collaboratively and came up with some awesome business ideas!

  • The Future of the World

The first workshop investigated the question ‘How might we encourage people to produce and consume resources more responsibly?’,

Girls thought about raised important issues such as

    • food waste,
    • reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
    • using our water resources better,
    • and increasing the use of renewable energy.

Looking at problems related to these topics, the students then turned these into important opportunities for change in business ideas. In the end, the group decided to work collaboratively on one project, De-Electrify: an app that ‘efficiently helps you lower your energy usage in your day-to-day life, therefore lowering the cost of your energy bills and the cost on the environment.' - what a great idea!

  • The Future of Fashion

The Future of Fashion was the second in a series of environmental-focused online holiday workshops, with 22 girls from around the country taking part in the program. The participants explored the question of ‘How might we innovate the fashion industry to transform the way we create, purchase and use fashion?’ 

The girls then explored problems related to

    • clothing manufacturing,
    • ethical supply chains
    • and wearable technology.

This brainstorm and design thinking sessions lead them to come up with some incredible ideas including a project dedicated to doing sustainability stylishly. Offering users the opportunity to take part in upcycling workshops to make their old items new and trendy again. The workshops would also offer advice, guidance and built in support for buying sustainably and ethically made garments - cool!

  • The Future of Food

The Future of Food was the third in a series of environmentally-focused online holiday workshops. The program focused on ‘How might we innovate the food we consume so that it is better for us and for the planet?’

Participants explored problems related to:

  • food sustainability 
  • convenience
  • and identified ways to improve nutrition across the world.

The girls then turned these into important opportunities for change! Their awesome ideas included: a sustainable produce van. The van would promote and simplify the process of accessing sustainable, local, and healthy produce. Best of all it would offer an opportunities for the community to showcase their produce in the van - Beep beep, we are on board!

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