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Gladstone problem solvers design apps to help the planet and people

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Enterprising Girls Team
Academy For Enterprising Girls

Mental health and the environment were the two main issues the students at Gladstone West State School were keen to solve in a recent Academy for Enterprising Girls workshop.

Girls from years 4, 5 and 6 showed their skills in problem solving and spent several hours working with facilitator Jac Tate from Tech Girls Movement Foundation to develop businesses that addressed challenges in their community.

Here are some of their ideas:

Charity fund app: people who want to raise money for an event, cause or charity can donate money through the app.  People affected by natural disasters would be one set of beneficiaries.

A wellness app: including sensory activities, meditation, support lines and positive messages.

An app to support users being bullied: positive messages are delivered to the user, there is a support network of similar users where you can chat with each other and support each other. A safe space for people to feel better about their current situation.

A small business app: users can get advice for their small business in terms of finance, advertising and business development. This is especially helpful if they have to change their delivery based on COVID or increased online stores.

Green, Keen & Clean app: provides information about littering, recycling and the damage caused to the environment. The app is gamified and allows students to earn ‘house’ points when they do the right thing!

Tackling the pollution in Gladstone Harbour another group worked together to devise an app to support its clean up and restoration. These enterprising girls realised that a passion for the problem helped them develop meaningful solutions.

Called Save our Harbour – Gladstone, Let’s Clean, the group created a logo which included a dolphin and an anchor.

Realising the problem needed volunteers, the app also allows people to register their support, as well as invite them to clean up events.

There’s also a donation page and merchandise, as well as a fun section including games and activities.

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