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Girl Founder and Kid Founder!

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Enterprising Girls Team
Academy For Enterprising Girls

Think you’ve got to be a 'grown up' to be a #GirlFounder? Nope.

You might’ve seen a few of these videos floating around on our social media but these are great examples to be inspired by.

  • Anisa Nanduala is 21, a poet, writer and educator - watch below.
  • Macinley Butson is 18, an award winning Scientist, Inventor and Entrepreneur - watch below.
  • Angelina Arora is 17, a scientist and inventor who is creating a new biodegradable plastic made completely from waste - watch below.
  • Molly Steer is 11, and on a mission to remove straws and plastic from the Great Barrier Reef - watch below.
  • Tea Devow is 13!! Tea runs her own business sharing Aboriginal culture through words and images on clothes - watch below.

It's never been easier to enrol in the Academy for Enterprising Girls eLearning Campus and get started in creating your very own business.

Start by heading over to Academy Campus and follow these handy video instructions.


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