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International Day of Women and Girls in Science

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Enterprising Girls Team
Academy for Enterprising Girls

Solving the biggest challenges of the 21st century is going to require the greatest scientific minds harnessing their full potential. And to do that, the world must address the gender imbalance in STEM fields. Globally only 30% of researchers are women, and in Australia only 16% of the STEM qualified workforce are women.  On Tuesday 11th of February, the United Nations raise the profile of women in science by celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science. 

Here are four inspiring Australian women and girl scientists making their mark.

Macinly Butson

Why Macinly rocks: At just 18, Macinley is an award-winning scientist and inventor. With two major inventions to her name including the SODIS sticker ( a device to accurately measure the amount of solar UV radiation needed to disinfect dirty water to make it safe to drink for people in developing countries) and SMART armour (a radiation shield that as the potential to remove up to 80% of unwanted radiation exposure reach a patients non-treated breast during radiotherapy treatment), Macinly is a science supernova!

Angelina Arora

Why Angelina rocks: As part of her Yr 9 science project Angelina set about tackling the huge problem of single-use plastics by creating a new biodegradable plastic made completely from waste!

Anastasia Volkova

Why Anastasia Rocks: For Anastasia, science is like magic. She is also the CEO and Co-Founder of Flurosat- a software platform that collects satellite images and weather data to inform and alert farmers of issues having a positive impact in growing crops more sustainably.

Dr Amantha Imber 

Why Amantha Rocks: Dr Amantha Imber uses the science of psychology to help more people and companies be better at innovating and improve the world.  She knows ideas just don't grow on trees and uses science to help people understand how to turn their ideas into innovations.

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