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Academy for Enterprising Girls

Starting your own business all begins with an idea, add some passion, a whole lot or determination and big old 'to-do' list and you are on your way.

But sometimes you might/absolutely will, hit a speed bump. You'll get a 'no' when you really wanted a 'yes' or just simply feel like giving up.  That is why we have made a series of videos to give you some Girl Founder inspo. So strap yourself in for a much-needed pep talk from someone who has done it all before.

Prepare to be inspired!

Niamh Fitzpatrick of Puffling

Noga Edelstein

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You can learn by enrolling in our free online Academy Campus. Get started on creating your very own business idea and learn more about design thinking. Not to mention, you can learn from some pretty great Girl Founders, along the way.

It's never been easier to enrol in the Academy for Enterprising Girls eLearning Campus and get started in creating your very own business.

Start by heading over to Academy Campus .


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