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St Andrew’s Anglican College was bursting with enterprising ideas!

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Enterprising Girls Team
Academy For Enterprising Girls

The Enterprising Girls from St Andrew’s Anglican College absorbed themselves into the workshops and delivered some awesome prototypes.

Facilitator extraordinaire Jaq Tate from Tech Girls Movement provided the students with insights into design thinking, empathy mapping, personas and wire-framing. By the end of the two workshops, students could say they were App Developers!

Here are just some of the cool ideas the girls came up with:

Education OnlineAn app designed for students who believe they are being limited in their educational achievement either by their school, family, friends and feel they need a bit of extra help to progress. The app accesses a wide range of subjects and courses for students from Primary to University levels. Activities within the app help the student to achieve greater results by undertaking specially designed tasks.

Device DonateAn app encouraging people with extra devices to donate them to people less fortunate. Covid 19 has highlighted a great need for people to remain connected and some people might not own a device. So if you have a device you no longer need or use, donate it today. The app will also accept donations of clothing, toys and books to help children less fortunate.

Job FinderAn app for those people who have lost their job or need additional work to make ends meet. Linking them to jobs within their local community.

Plant timeAn app that allows you to plant a unique plant of your choice that you can look after and see live photos of. You can plant your plant anywhere you want to using maps to find your location.  It is a fun app that helps you become aware of which areas need various plants that can also act as new habitats to help animals. Your first plant is free but future cost will depend on the types of plants you want to plant next.

Dance Aware - Is an app where you can be yourself, raise awareness for anything you want, connect with friends and dance the night away! The app is targeted at teenagers and young adults that are passionate about something or someone and want to share it. This app is safe and monitored 24/7.

We can't wait to see what the girls from St Andrew’s Anglican College do next with their great ideas. Thanks for having us!

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