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Start-ups to hit Sunshine State thanks to Workshop

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Enterprising Girls Team
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Savvy students develope business ideas to stress-less

Students from Noosaville this week put their minds together to develop businesses to reduce stress in their community.

This week 30 students from Good Shepherd Lutheran College took part in an Enterprising Girls workshop hosted by Tech Girls Movement Foundation.

Here are the ideas the students came up with:

Famine X: An app designed to support those in famine, with a focus on water, food, shelter and even care for pets.

Stress & Anger Free app: An app linking counsellors to those in need and providing valuable resources to help alleviate your stress and anger.

Bullying support app: An app designed to help people who are being bullied to relax, have fun, get advice and get support.

Times Tables Tunes: An app that allows us to learn our times tables in tune with a popular song.

Donate to me: An app allowing the user to easily donate to different causes and charities.

Struggle Free: An app to provide support and advice when you are feeling blue. Choose an emoji to state how you are feeling and you can obtain support accordingly.

Register for a workshop at your school here or start your entrepreneurial journey today at our online learning academy.

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