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Girl Founder Inspo: Tamara Reid, Beaute Industrie

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Enterprising Girls Team
Academy For Enterprising Girls

We are excited to bring you a new series of interviews highlighting female entrepreneur role models in our communities!

Introducing Tamara Reid of Beaute Industrie

A bit about Beaute Industrie:

"Community is at the heart of what we do. It is a labor of love we infinitely share with you. From conversations and connections with the incredible people our industry holds, our community of brands, business owners, therapists and between are provided the place to be part of something bigger than four treatment room walls, immersing themselves in a supportive network, allowing you to rediscover that your purpose, passion and career pathway has only just begun.​"

Question 1: Where did your idea (or interest in your industry) come from? Was it something you have always been passionate about?

My interest of the beauty industry actually came out of nowhere. I was in high school and had missed the cut offs for my dancers exams to get into a dancing school and I knew that I had to go straight into university otherwise I would never do it had I wanted to later. I scrolled through the university course booklet and saw a Diploma of Resort Management specialising in the Spa and remembered all of the incredible resorts my parents had taken me to on holidays and thought - why not! It wasn’t until I started the course where we learnt business for three days and beauty for two days a week, that I really started to love giving back to others and saw the endless pathways and career opportunities that the beauty industry holds. Goes to show that even if you have no idea what you’re going to do in life, that life will guide you there eventually. 

Question 2: What gave you the confidence to get started? Or the resilience to keep going?

The confidence to start my business came from the fact that if I needed this, then perhaps others did too. Once we started the Beaute Industrie Community and it grew from 15 people into 5000 in such a short amount of time, it gave me the resilience to keep going with the business and host important conversations for our community. I knew that there was no one else in the industry that was opening up such important topics of conversation or changing the industry culture - that alone is enough for me to keep doing the good work.

Question 3: What skills have you learned along the way as a Girl Founder (Female CEO / Founder) ? 

Along the way of business ownership, I’ve learnt the skill and importance of knowing your personal and professional values - things that help guide the decisions you make. In the beginning, I heard so many people telling me to ‘find my values’ however I didn’t really understand what this meant entirely. One day I sat down and asked myself ‘what are my values, and what are the business values?’ and I wrote them all down on a piece of butchers paper until I became clear on them. Nowadays, with every single person, brand or partnership that approaches myself or Beaute Industrie, I go through those values and I make sure they align. If the values don’t align, then the partnership or decision is most likely a no, whereas if the values align, I sleep on it and say yes in the morning.

A further skill I've learnt is the power of networking. Say hello to everyone and make them feel like they’re the most important person in the room when you’re in conversation with them. People won't remember what you do, but they will remember how you made them feel and, you may just end up working with them later down the line, so that ability to network and have good people surrounding you is absolutely priceless.

Question 4: What did you learn from a hero or mentor? How did you find them?

From my mentor, I learnt to slow down and take time to respond to people. Read things like emails, text messages, blog pieces and the like three times before pressing send, and think to yourself, ‘how would this person like to receive this?’. Not everyone needs an answer right now, people often have the time to wait, so it’s more important that you respond in a proactive, considered way than to be responsive or reactive. My mentor found me as she was an attendee at our Networking event and we connected right away!

Question 5: Why do you think more young women should consider becoming Girl Founders? Why do women make great business owners?

More young women should consider becoming Girl Founders because they have the ability to create change - no matter how big or small that change should be. Young women have the opportunity right now to build businesses like never before as their creativity, passion and purpose is valued. 

Women make brilliant business owners because we are great communicators, but even more special than that, women are great listeners. The best business owners are the ones who hold space to listen to and give them a voice to grow into great people who produce brilliant products. 

Question 6: Any last advice to give to young girls ? 

Trust yourself. If you believe that what you are doing is beyond what anyone else is doing, or if it’s different to what is currently being done, then you’ve got a great business. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise - let your gut be the loudest voice you listen to!

Question 7: How has your business pivoted during COVID?

Beaute Industrie pivoted during COVID by taking our in person education and events into the online space. Our business reached more people than ever before by making this move and it opened numerous doors for us to continue the conversation and grow the community which we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do before COVID.

Stay connected with Tamara and Beaute Industrie:

Facebook - @beauteindustrie

Instagram - @beauteindustrie

Twitter - @bueateindustrie

Website -

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