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What is MSTK?

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When it comes to learning entrepreneurial skills and coming up with ideas, it helps to put a framework in place to guide you so you’re not just doing random things in a random way.

Being an entrepreneur can seem like something that is hard to learn to do. More regular professions, like being a lawyer, nurse or a mechanic require you to do certain subjects or get certain qualifications. But being an entrepreneur doesn’t really require these things. That’s where Enterprising Girls comes in!

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, there are some key areas we will focus on that will set you up for success. We call it the MSTK Framework.

MSTK is all about providing a framework around the way we learn, so we know why we are doing something and how it helps to teach us.

Enterprising Girls believes that by having the right MSTK Framework: Mindset, Skillset, Toolset and Knowledge set, we are better able to innovate and grow.

Mindset: The thoughts, opinions and beliefs you have which shape your attitude towards entrepreneurship. By building a growth mindset - believing you can do something - you can learn new skills and take on challenges.

Skillset: The capacities and capabilities you have to create, develop, enhance or improve something. Your skillset includes what you’ve learned in formal education, or something outside your formal schooling such as the ability to code. Skillset is also qualities like having self-confidence or being a good listener.

Toolset: The tools, aides and programs you use to be innovative, develop your ideas and build and manage a business. Your toolset might include the space you work in, a computer, software or the physical parts needed to make a product. It can also be the team around you!

Knowledge set: The facts and information generally gained through education or experience. Your knowledge is more than what you learn in the classroom. It also includes the familiarity and understanding that flows from your many experiences (like playing sport) and what you learn as a result.

The great thing is, the MSTK Framework is embedded in the Enterprising Girls program to help you understand the learning outcomes you have achieved across each of these areas. It’s super easy and a great way to learn to become a well-rounded entrepreneur who can solve problems and develop great ideas. It’s really not so random after all!

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