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Whiz kids from Waterford West State School impress in workshop

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Enterprising Girls Team
Academy For Enterprising Girls

Students from Queensland’s Waterford West State School learnt all about an entrepreneurial mindset and ways that they can solve important problems by using technology.

Problem solving was a cinch for these enterprising girls, with some of the standout apps being:

Sleep app: A login with personalised information specific to the user’s needs. Perhaps you need an e-book or an audiobook or another way to help you get to sleep? This app will look at connecting with existing technology to report on how the users sleep habits are performing.

Calm Me: an app designed to relieve anxiety and stress for its user. People are available to the user to chat with and provide strategies to the user for feeling better. There will be information provided within the app to educate people on stress reduction.

Rape support app: to support the victims of rape and offer support and counselling. To also work towards ending this crime.

All Animals Matter: an educational app to teach the user about animals and their needs and habitat.

Donation app: where you can go to donate money to the causes that are important to you. There will also be petitions that are seeking a signature to support your important causes.

A translation app for animals: yep you heard that right! While we wait on the technology being developed we looked forward to understanding animals in both what they are thinking and how they are feeling!

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