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Activities Coming Soon!

Girls at Canva Design SchoolThanks for registering with the Academy for Enterprising Girls.Soon you’ll be able to get all the details on the cool activities and workshops being held around Australia.

You’ll get to learn with some amazing Enterprising Girls and meet amazing women and business icons. In the meantime, make sure you’ve done the following:

1/ Watch all the video series and read the articles, that is already available in the Discover section.

There is plenty more fun content being developed, so keep checking back to the site

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3/ There is still time for your friends to REGISTER, so tell them about the Academy for Enterprising Girls.

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The 10 exciting learning modules will be available soon. You’ll be able to do these at your own pace.

We’re excited about what is in store for the girls that are part of the Academy for Enterprising Girls 🙂

Add your own activities/events to our site

The site will soon have a calendar of events from our industry partners that Enterprising Girls can participate in. This could be courses in design thinking or coding, that compliment the national workshops coming in 2020.

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