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Industry supports building a generation of Enterprising Girls

Girls at a Canva Design School workshop in SydneyThe Academy for Enterprising Girls (AEG) is an innovative entrepreneurship program designed to cultivate design thinking, business and technology skills among young women.

The program will be delivered via both a self-paced online learning program and in-person workshops held in almost 100 locations across Australia.

Since we started developing the AEG in 2019 we have been blown away by the fantastic support and engagement from across industry!

To date we have 12 Delivery and Industry Partners including: Amazon Web Services, Young Change Agents, Tech Girls Movement, Foundation for Young Australians, Canva, Google Classroom, Seer Data, Cisco, Rebel Girls, Sustainable Salons, Questacon and Code Like A Girl.

PLUS over 17 Program Supporters (all listed below). There are almost 50 Universities and High Schools across the nation that are confirmed as Education Contributors.

Why do we need the AEG?

Women are critically under-represented across in business start-ups and the entrepreneurial world, as well as in all Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) professions. Australia is facing a significant shortfall across the pipeline of essential STEM skills. Engaging with and mastering STEM skills will underpin innovation and economic growth at a national level, and at an individual level.

Workers of the future will be increasingly required to develop their technological and entrepreneurial skills of problem-solving, critical thinking and communications to prepare for the future of work.

The Academy has been designed as a one-stop-shop platform accessible to ALL young Australian women with engaging content aimed at developing an entrepreneurial mindset. The digital platform will combine newly created materials supplemented with existing industry resources – all in one easy location.

Opportunities for your involvement

The program is co-funded and supported by the Australian Government and has been codesigned with industry, education providers, young girls themselves – in order to build the best foundations for entrepreneurial mindsets among young women.

As the central provider, 89 Degrees East Strategic Communications on behalf of the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA), is keen to keep engaging and building relationships with industry and interested businesses. There are a number of ways in which this could happen depending on the level of engagement being sought.

  • Linking relevant information and other resources – such as other coding programs, educational links or tools – via the Academy online platform
  • Engaging with the program by contributing to an expanding array of our inspiring stories about enterprising women, achieving change in their businesses or creating new ways of thinking (e.g. if your business has a woman with an entrepreneurial story to tell).
  • Work with 89 Degrees East to create additional content including non-core educational modules or media content to share information on the program
  • Simply share the Academy for Enterprising Girl website or social content through your channels – individually, professionally or institutionally.

These are just a few suggestions; if you have other ideas about how you’d like to work with the AEG please contact us via the Industry Form.

How will participating girls benefit?

This is an opportunity to prompt Australian girls to explore stimulating and successful career opportunities and to turn everyday workplaces into thriving businesses. This program will provide AEG graduates with the skills needed to secure their own economic future and for Australia to build greater resilience and creativity in our workplaces.

Get involved

The girls in this course are your future customers and employees – in order to participate at either end of the economic spectrum, young people will need these skills. The Academy is a perfect opportunity to build on your existing corporate social responsibility program or begin contributing to your future consumers or employees.

By working together, we can ensure Australia’s next generation of entrepreneurs have the skills to run their own businesses or transform the industries in which they work.

To find out more about the AEG, watch some of the fantastic videos featuring female entrepreneurs and ‘courageous kids’ who have already started out on the path.

Find out where the national face to face workshops will be held and encourage young girls you know with an entrepreneurial spirit to register for the online learning program.

We thank all the Industry and Education Partners who have been so generous with their support to date and look forward to hearing from more businesses and institutions wanting to join the Industry Alliance!

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