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Farming the focus of virtual workshop at Innisfail State School

This week the Academy for Enterprising Girls got a new round of graduates from Innisfail State School.

Tech Girls Movement Foundation hosted the virtual half-day workshop which focused on creating an app to manage an issue facing the local Innisfail community.

Brainstorming ideas together, the group of girls identified the smoke from the nearby sugar cane farms as a problem of high-importance, and set about creating a solution.

One idea was to create an app which let  users know about planned burn offs and warn them of poor air quality, and thereby protecting those with breathing difficulties.

The would also feature a map indicating the farms with scheduled burn-offs and would also link to a weather app so users would be warned of strong winds potentially blowing smoke in their direction.

Littering was another issue the students of Innisfail State School were passionate about.

The budding female entrepreneurs brainstormed a fun app designed to educate users on the importance of cleaning up their litter and the impact waste has on the local community and environment.

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