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Future looks bright thanks to these budding entrepreneurs

An app to cut food waste, a reusable packaging solution and an education tool to simplify recycling, are just some of the ideas students created over a two-day entrepreneurship camp these school holidays as Sydney’s St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

Hosted by the Academy for Enterprising Girls, students aged 10 to 14 years were asked to create a tool to help reduce the environmental impact of their household. 

The workshop, presented by Young Change Agents, started with girls watching videos of women who turned their ideas into a business, including 19 year old inventor, scientist and entrepreneur Macinely Butson who’s inventions have led to her receiving a score of prestigious awards. 

The 16 girls then conducted empathy interviews to better understand their partner’s problems which included food waste and overbuying, issues with recycling, too much packaging from deliveries (especially during COVID-19) and knowing how to set-up a more eco-friendly garden. 

The students were able to prototype and validate their ideas including creating project websites. 

Here are some the ideas the participants came up with: 

App to reduce food waste: connected to your phone’s camera, the app will notify users when it’s time to stock up the pantry or fridge, creating a shopping list, which is then sent to a warehouse and delivered to the user’s doorstep.  

Reusable packaging and service: companies encouraged to use the sustainable packaging option, users then drop their packaging off at their nearest bin before it is used again for another delivery. 

Recycling app: technology is designed to teach people how to recycle properly, including which bin to place items in and includes games to make learning fun. 

Garden design solutions: business helps homeowners create a garden in their backyards to help the environment and live sustainably. 

Nature news: a resource to keep the community informed about environment news and help them live more sustainably, including how to recycle. 

If you are interested in the Academy, visit your school, please share this link with your teacher or principal. 

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