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Girl Founders: Dr Amantha Imber – My Story



Dr Amantha Imber gets excited about innovation – as the way we can make the world a better place – so if we can help more people to be better at innovating and improving the world – then everyone benefits.

Dr Amantha is the Founder of Innovation Consultancy – Inventium, and Host of the Podcast ‘How I work’.  Inventium works with big companies helping people get in touch with their creative genius and become better creative thinkers and find creative solutions – then bring them to life.

You can incorporate creativity into any field, any job – anything you are good at- because ultimately creativity is coming up with the best solutions to problems.

What drives Dr Amantha Imber is how many people can she can help in a positive way
and how many lives can we change – because what is more awesome than that!

Hear Dr Amantha’s inspiring personal story and her best bits of advice just for you!

Learn more about Inventium here: Inventium

Film Makers: Melanie Hogan and Tim Moriarty

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