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She Solves: Macinley Butson



Macinley Butson is 18, an award winning Scientist, Inventor and Entrepreneur.

She is working to solve the global water crisis through her invention the SODIS Sticker – a device to accurately measure the amount of solar UV radiation needed to disinfect dirty water to make it safe to drink for people in developing countries. The unique part of this discovery is that the sticker can be made for less than one cent making it affordable and easy to use. This invention just earned her the prestigious Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

Through working with breast cancer patients, Macinley has also invented SMART armour – Scale Maille Armour for Radiation Therapy- a radiation shield that has the potential to remove up to 80% of unwanted radiation exposure reaching a patients non-treated breast during radiotherapy cancer treatment.

Macinley talks us through her ideas, inspirations, process and challenges – all a big part of being such an incredible Enterprising Girl.

Find out more about Macinley Butson here:

Film maker: Rebecca O’Brien

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