Are you an Enterprising Girl?

Got a great idea that you don’t know what to do with? Enterprising Girls will give you the tools you need to turn that idea into a reality!

About the Academy for Enterprising Girls

The Academy for Enterprising Girls is a fun and exciting entrepreneurship program, available FREE to all young women in Australia aged 10 – 18, funded under the Australian Government’s Women’s Leadership and Development Program. The Academy is designed to cultivate young women’s skills in design thinking, entrepreneurial and business skills, delivered through four key program pillars;

National workshop program

Free face to face and online workshops for primary and secondary schools around Australia.

Girls gain hands on experience in half and full day workshops designed to teach skills in design thinking, problem solving, business and STEM.

Comprehensive eLearning modules

15 free, engaging, and self-paced online learning modules.

Girls learn the innovation, design thinking and tech skills required to start their own business.

Educational resource hub for teachers

Free lesson plans, educational resources and classroom friendly content designed by experienced Australian educators.

Mapped directly to the Australian Curriculum, General Capabilities and Cross Curricular Priorities.

Resource hub for students and parents

Resources designed to inspire and excite the next generation of budding young female entrepreneurs.

Watch an inspiring video series or read an educational article to learn from some of Australia’s most amazing enterprising women.

Did you know?

In Australia, only 1 in 3 people running their own business are women.

STEM-based jobs make up 75% of the fastest-growing occupations and higher-paying jobs BUT in Australia only 17% of people working in STEM-skilled professions are women.

Women only make up 21% of tertiary graduates with a STEM-related degree.

Women earn less than their male counterparts in science, IT and engineering.

We’re on a mission to change that

The Academy for Enterprising Girls Program is aimed at developing core skills around an entrepreneurial mindset, problem solving and critical thinking to help young women prepare for the future of work where entrepreneurship and adaptability is not an exceptional trait, but the ingrained habits of the next generation of Australian women.