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About The Academy

The Academy for Enterprising Girls offers an exciting and fun course for girls aged 10 to 18 years to learn about entrepreneurship, design thinking, and how to start up your own business. You’ll learn new skills, see a bunch of success stories, gain the confidence and ability to bring your own ideas to life, and much much more. The online course offers 10 core learning modules based on videos, articles and fun challenges. You can complete the online learning at your own pace and do it from anywhere. You just need to bring your creative self, jump online and think big. Simple as that! Register now for the Academy of Enterprising Girls in the right-hand column to get access to the online course. Over 100 face to face Enterprising Girls workshops are also being run nationally through primary and secondary schools. You can also check out the fantastic video series and articles to learn from some of Australia’s most amazing enterprising women and get a taste for what’s in the course.
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What is a Girl Founder

A ‘Girl Founder’ is our term for a creative and successful business woman who has come up with a brilliant new idea and made it work. Simple. We profile these brilliant women across the Academy!

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12 part series Girl Founders: My Story

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Jacqui Bull is an innovative thinker and Co Founder of Sidek... [read more]

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Register for the Academy for Enterprising Girls and we’ll be in touch real soon. In the meantime check out the great content on the site to give you a taste of what’s to come!

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