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What is a 'Girl Founder'?

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Enterprising Girls Team
Academy for Enterprising Girls

Founders are people who first create businesses. Founders are usually the ideas people who have come up with a concept or solution they turn into their business. You might also hear them called entrepreneurs or simply businesspeople. They might go on to be the CEO of the business they create or take on another role, but the business will always come from the original idea they had.

So, its pretty simple really. Girl Founders are women who have created their own business, and we think that's pretty awesome. For a long time, businesspeople have been portrayed as men in suits in big boardrooms.  But, that doesn't match the reality of the amazing women created companies. Which is why we are proud to showcase a number of Girl Founders across Enterprising Girls as inspiring role models.

Being a Girl Founder is creative, exciting and most of all fun. By signing up to the Academy we'll help you come up with your own business idea, so that you can become a Girl Founder too.

The Academy for Enterprising Girls is supported by an amazing group of Australian ‘Girl Founders’ - women who have already made their mark and shown what success looks like.

Throughout the videos and articles on this website, and in the exclusive tailored content for the 10 eLearning modules for the Campus, these Girl Founders share their stories and talk about the traits needed for success.

Insights on a range of topics include; starting a side hustle, coming up with ideas, money tips, naming your business and the importance of working with others.

The fantastic Girl Founders that have been involved in the development of the Academy, and who are participating in our video and written series include:

  • Lucy and Rosie Thomas, Co-Founders of Project Rockit, which empowers students to challenge bullying and hate at school
  • Mikaela Jade, Founder of Indigital, an Indigenous cultural game-changer and tech visionary
  • Mia Freedman, Co-Founder of Mamamia - the women’s media company. She is a journalist, editor, media personality and consultant
  • Alice Zaslavsky, former teacher and cooking show contestant who now gets kids to each healthy through videos starring kids and her as many characters
  • Anastasia Volkova, Founder and CEO of Flurosat, a data analytics company combining satellite imagery and farming records to optimise crops
  • Laura and Mim Beanie, Co-Founders of The Beanies - a successful children’s music group
  • Dr Amantha Imber, is an innovation psychologist, author and Founder of consultancy firm Inventium
  • Christie Whitehill, CEO and Founder of Tech Ready Women - an education platform and network that provides women with world class digital training programs
  • Helen McCabe, an award winning journalist and media expert, who is Founder of the digital network Future Women
  • Jacqui Bull, at just 22 became a Co-Founder of Sidekicker, Australia’s largest on demand staffing platform
  • Julie Trell, a leading businesswoman and an expert in ‘Accelerator’ companies. She is the CEO of Muru-D and country lead for SHE-EO
  • Grace Wong, a revolutionary thinker and leading tech entrepreneur in crypto currency, Founder of Liven

Get a taste of the knowledge these Girl Founders share on this site before heading to the Campus and working on your own ideas to become a Girl Founder.

Special thanks to these incredible Girl Founders and the Enterprising Girls who have featured in our content to date.

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