Social Media House Rules

House Rules

Enterprising Girls are innovators, creative problem solvers and supportive of one another – in the real world and online.

Social Media is one of the several ways that the Academy for Enterprising Girls is sharing positive, educational and inspiring content. This is a friendly and supportive community space designed for girls aged 10-18 years, as well as their educators and caregivers.

We welcome comments on posts and encourage you to share your thoughts, however, please consider how your comments could make others feel. It’s very simple:

  • Be supportive, inclusive and collaborative
  • Think before you post
  • Show respect, be courteous and kind to others

We don’t want to delete comments and report you, but we will ensure Enterprising Girls is a safe environment for, so will delete comments if:

  • it’s hateful or discriminatory
  • it’s abusive or being used to harass someone
  • it’s threatening or uses violent language
  • it’s inappropriate, offensive or sexually explicit
  • it violates someone’s privacy
  • it violates copyright or intellectual property rights
  • you’re trolling
  • it’s spam

Extra Information

You can access the Academy of Enterprising Girls website without needing social media. Our social media accounts are an additional service and not essential to the program.

  • Respect your personal household rules about social media
  • Respect the terms and conditions of individual social media platforms in regards to age and content

Please also be aware of your personal privacy settings. Any information you post on this page may become available to others who use the page and it may also become generally available to the public.

Do not post any personal information that you do not wish to be available to the public and you should not post the personal information of any other person without their consent.

The Team at Enterprising Girls will be monitoring this page to ensure it is building a positive community as it was always intended.

Thanks for being part of this positive community.