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She Solves – Molly Steer



Molly Steer is 11 years old on a mission to encourage every school in Australia (and one day, across the whole world) to stop using single-use plastic straws in their school canteens. Why? Because straws really do suck.

3 years ago Molly saw the movie “A Plastic Ocean” and was inspired to something to help to save the Great Barrier Reef from plastic pollution. She did her research and with her mum’s advice to start small – Molly decided to focus on a campaign to ban the use of single use plastic straws . Straws may be small but are a big problem. The Qld government have now adopted Molly’s ‘Straw No More’ project. Molly shares her advice with other Enterprising Girls who have an idea and a passion.

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Film maker: Rebecca O’Brien

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